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Prayer on the Day of Marriage (previous to the Nuptial Ceremony), by Marcus Heinrich Bresslau (1852)


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Creator in Heaven!
I shall soon approach Thee at the side of my companion in life,
whom Thou from the fulness of Thy grace and truth hath bestowed upon me;
soon will be pronounced the sentence
which will closely interweave me with the fate of that being;
be it therefore Thy will, O Father,
that no power on earth loosen our band.

Grant, that I may joyfully endure the sacred ties of matrimony;
grant us mild temperament, tenderness and fidelity;
grant that I divide my heart without reserve with my betrothed,
and that after Thee, I may love him most.

May pure domestic virtue flourish in our union;
may no evil voice of dissent cloud our concord,
and to peace only be our house consecrated.

And shouldst Thou, all-kind Father
deign to bless this alliance with hopeful off-spring,
then grant also the warmest prayer of parents
for the education of their children in the fear of God,
and to rear them in the performance of every virtue.

Once more I implore Thee gracious God
for the best blessing of Thy goodness,
direct us to happiness by the beacon of union and love;
keep all adversity from our dwelling,
forgive our transgressions,
so that this holy covenant may be free from sin
and that Thou mayest crown it with Thy blessing.

“Prayer on the Day of Marriage, previous to the Nuptial Ceremony” by Marcus Heinrich Bresslau was first published in his תחנות בנות ישראל Devotions for the Daughters of Israel (1852), p. 56.

In his preface to Devotions, Bresslau is clear that his prayers in English were adapted from traditional teḥinot that had earlier been published in France, Germany, and Poland. If you know of a specific prayer that may have served as the basis for this one, please leave a comment or contact us.






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