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Dedication-Hymn, by Felix Adler (1868)


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Praise ye the Lord, our King!
Let all the nations sing
In one accord.
His glorious might and fame,
His great and holy name,
Unto the world proclaim—
Praise ye the Lord!
Eternal, High and Great,
To Thee we consecrate
This sacred shrine.
Our heart, our soul to Thee
We hallow reverently,
A sacred shrine to be,
Sovereign divine!
What tongue is formed so well,
Of all Thy power to tell—
The fathomless.
Yet Thou art ever near,
Kindly to bend Thine ear,
Thy children’s prayers to hear,
To hear and bless.
Here the glad truths reveal;
Here let the people kneel
From nigh and far,
Blessing the Lord on high.
Maker of earth and sky,
Him, One in Unity!

“Dedication-Hymn” is a hymn written by Felix Adler and published in Hymns, for Divine Service in the Temple Emanu-El (1871), hymn №37, p. 71. We have tentatively dated this hymn to 1868, since another hymn by Adler (“School-hymn, no. 36”) can be found appended from another unattributed work in A Guide to Instruction in the Israelitsh Religion (Samuel Adler, trans. M. Mayer, Temple Emanu-El, 1864, 4th printing 1868). That date does match the year that the then new building for Temple Emanu-El’s synagogue was dedicated, 11 September 1868.






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