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Prayer on Entering a New Habitation, by Rabbi Isaac Henry Myers of Ramsgate (1855)


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Be gracious unto us, O Lord,
for unto Thee do we direct our prayer.
May the hour in which we dedicate this, our new abode,
be an acceptable time before Thee,
to implore Thy blessing on our coming in, and on our going out.

Suffer, Lord, no evil to befall us,
or sickness to enter our dwelling;
grant that bad passions may never have dominion over us,
but instil into us the love of truth, mercy and justice:
inspire us, Heavenly Father,
with noble sentiments and holy aspirations.

Bless Thou our labour,
and assist us, Lord,
in our endeavours
to make our home
one where affection, unity and peace,
may ever dwell.

Accept, O our Father,
the deep gratitude of our hearts,
for all the mercies Thou hast bestowed upon us,
and grant, we beseech Thee,
a continuance of Thy light and Thy blessing
on this house,
and its inmates.

O, that the time for the dedication of Thy holy Temple
may speedily approach,
when Israel shall be saved
and Judah dwell in safety.

Read Psalms 30,
Psalms 1,
Psalms 18,
Psalms 84,
Psalms 121,
Psalms 127,
and selections from Psalms 119,
forming the names of the master and mistress,
and also the words מזל טוב.

As far as we can tell, this dedication of a new home or “prayer on entering a new habiration” by Rabbi Isaac Henry Myers of Ramsgate was first published in Hester Rothschild’s 1855 translation of Imrei Lev (1848), a collection of teḥinot in French by Rabbi Arnaud Aron and Jonas Ennery (in which this prayer is absent). Rabbi Myers own home was built by Sir Moses Montefiore.





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