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Learning, a prayer for thirst in Torah study by Rabbi Ely E. Pilchik (1962)


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As we resume our labors in the search for Thee,
O Heavenly Father,
we pause to glorify Thy name
and to bless Thee who are the source of all wisdom.
To our fathers didst Thou bountifully mete out of Thy wisdom —
Thou didst admonish them to guard carefully Thy word.
In their zeal to know Thee,
they drank deeply of Thy spring of knowledge.
As they journeyed from land to land,
as they passed through the many generations,
they enwrapped Thy precious gift
in the years of their learning.
Lovingly they bequeathed it to us.
For that possession,
and for Thy inspiration
which impelled our fathers in their ceaseless study,
we express our deep gratitude to Thee.
O, Lord,
in these days,
we have come to speak in Thy name too presumptuously.
Grasping but a fleeting glimpse of our fathers’ teachings,
scarcely familiar with our heritage,
we rashly give voice to Thine instructions.
We beseech Thee, O our God,
to restore within us
our sages’ thirst
for learning and knowledge,
that we in turn,
with sureness of mind,
and sincerity of heart,
may teach of Thee
and Thy Torah.

“Learning” by Rabbi Ely E. Pilchik was first published in Rabbi Morrison David Bial’s anthology, An Offering of Prayer (1962), p. 63, from where this prayer was transcribed.






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