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Domestic Prayer of Thanksgiving After Confinement, by Marcus Heinrich Bresslau (1852)


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With a deeply affected heart I bring to Thee, O Father
the thank-offering of my lips
for the paternal kindness, which Thou hast shown to me
before and since my confinement.

Thanks to Thee for this new-born member of Thy creation,
for this child, through which the world has grown to me
much dearer and more beautiful.

Bless, All-merciful God this tender creature,
ere yet the spirit of evil gains mastery over it;
ere the bud is developed,
ere from the tender germ
a world unfolds itself within the child’s heart,
cause a ray from the fulness of the light of Thy goodness
to penetrate its soul, that it may soon learn
to distinguish the good from the evil,
to love the former and hate the latter.

Bless it with obedience to its parents,
as Thou didst bless our father Isaac;
cause virtue to illumine the dark road of its life,
then my motherly care will be richly compensated,
and my inward wishes will be realized.

“Domestic Prayer of Thanksgiving After Confinement” by Marcus Heinrich Bresslau was first published in his תחנות בנות ישראל Devotions for the Daughters of Israel (1852), p. 58-59.

In his preface to Devotions, Bresslau is clear that his prayers in English were adapted from traditional teḥinot that had earlier been published in France, Germany, and Poland. If you know of a specific prayer that may have served as the basis for this one, please leave a comment or contact us.






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