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Thou Who Art Spirit, by Rabbi Morrison David Bial (1962)


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“But if . . .
thou shalt seek the Lord Thy God,
thou shall find Him,
if thou seek Him with all thy heart
and with all thy soul.” (Deuteronomy 4:27)
O Lord:
Thou Who art spirit knowest
that though we yearn upwards,
yet do we often fail to lift up
more than our voices;
our thoughts and our emotions
remain too tightly concerned
only with ourselves.
In truth, we lament
the materialism of our desires,
the prayerlessness of our lives,
the lack of aspiration,
the want of Thee in our souls.
Forgive us
that our resolves to lead a higher life
have so readily been broken.
Forgive us
that we have so readily forgiven ourselves.
Forgive us
that we do not even know how to repent.
Teach us,
fill us with the overwhelming realization
that Thou art light
and goodness
and love,
and that Thou art no farther
than the pulse of our blood,
the impulse of our mind,
the hope of our spirit.
That if only we tear away
the marks of selfishness and pride,
that in our humility
we will find Thy glory.
No one stands between Thee and me —
but I.
O Lord,
lead us out of the twilight in our souls
into Thy light,
that we may be children not of night
but of day;
that we may brighten our world
with the reflected light of Thy countenance
beaming through us on all mankind.

“Thou Who Art Spirit” by Rabbi Morrison David Bial was first published in his anthology, An Offering of Prayer (1962), p. 54, from where this prayer was transcribed.






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