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Prayer on behalf of a sibling starting off on a journey, by Rabbi Abraham Burstein (1927)

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Merciful Father, as children of a house of pilgrims do we now stand before you. Through all the lands and confines of earth have our ancestors stumbled in search of peace, in escape from the sword of the persecutor. Not to escape from trial does our (brother/sister, ___name___) now depart from home and friends; not to seek refuge in lands across the sea; but only to perceive your works among other peoples, your greatness in other parts of your glorious universe. As you have watched over all Yisrael in its wanderings, as you have brought them ever again to home and happiness, as the life of Yisrael still glories in your everlasting providence, do you now, we beseech you, guide them and preserve them in their travels over earth. Amen.

“Prayer beore starting on a journey (II)” was published in Rabbi Jacob Bosniak’s collection of tehinot, Likutei Tefilot (1927). I have lightly edited the original prayer to remove archaisms including the word “race,” and to replace him/her options with the singular “they.” –Aharon Varady




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