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A blessing for you if you need one, from Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg

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May you grow
into your greatest,
most loving self.

May you stand tall
and unafraid
of the great,
bright light
within you
that is straining to get out.

May you trust that light,
and may you hear
the still small voice within
that whispers to you
about what you need
and who you can be.

May you follow the light and the voice
wherever it may take you—
even to places you hadn’t guessed,
hadn’t imagined,
that haven’t been part of the plan.

May you remain always curious,
and eager to grow.

May you walk through your life
with wonder,
radical amazement,
and gratitude.

May you stay kind and gentle.

May you regard others
with compassion,
and the benefit of the doubt.

May you seek
to be of service,
to offer of yourself
to those that need help—
that need you.

May you speak out
against injustice.

May you make of your life a blessing.

May your thoughts,
and very being
be an offering to the transcendent,
to the great stream of life,
to… if this language resonates with you…
to the Holy One.

On May 15th, 2018, Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg tweeted this blessing, writing, “Maybe you need a blessing today? Well, here’s one.” The Jewish custom of ordinary people granting blessings is recognized in the Talmud, Megillah 15a:

Source (Hebrew) Translation with exposition (English)

ואמר רבי אלעזר אמר ר׳ חנינא לעולם אל תהי ברכת הדיוט קלה בעיניך שהרי שני גדולי הדור ברכום שני הדיוטות ונתקיימה בהן ואלו הן דוד ודניאל דוד דברכיה ארונה דכתיב (שמואל ב כד:כג) וַיֹּאמֶר אֲרַוְנָה אֶל־הַמֶּלֶךְ וגו’ דניאל דברכיה דריוש דכתיב (דניאל ו:יז) אֱלָהָךְ דִּי אַנְתְּ פָּלַח־לֵהּ בִּתְדִירָא הוּא יְשֵׁיזְבִנָּךְ׃
And Rebbi Elazar further said that Rebbi Ḥanina said: One should never regard the blessing of an ordinary person [hedyot] as light in your eyes, [as two of the great men of their generations received blessings from ordinary people and those blessings were fulfilled in them]. And they were David and Daniel. David, for Araunah blessed him, as it is written: “And Araunah said to the king, May YHVH your elo’ah accept you” (II Samuel 24:23), and it was fulfilled. Daniel, for Darius blessed him, as it is written: “Your elo’ah whom you serve continually, will rescue you” (Daniel 6:17), [and this too was fulfilled when Daniel was saved from the lions’ den].

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