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Blessing for Myself and for You, by Kohenet Ilana Joy Streit

Blessing for Myself and for You
may you keep breathing
    each moment
    in and out

may more and more of your cells
    be kissed by oxygen

may you keep trusting your feet, your path, your heart,
    your feet, your breath, your heart,
may you feel and trust in everything that helps you breathe easier

may your bare feet be caressed by
    cool stones
may you stop often to bask on sun-warmed stone

may you know that the path of trailblazing has been walked by many souls ahead of you

may your roots
    be your roots
may they descend from your feet
    and know that they belong just to you

may you inhabit the crown
    that is yours to wear

may you ḥevruta with Esther, making banquet after banquet
for as long as necessary
and then with one breath, altering the course
of history-herstory (whether real or imaginary)

may your fruits
     be your fruits
may you taste them, may you share them
and may their seeds spread, until everyone has juice
    dribbling down their chins

A poem-blessing for trailblazers of many kinds, to honor everyday courage and to inspire trust and self-compassion. May we get the support we need as we midwife the world to come.

“Blessing for Myself and for You” (alternately: “The Trailblazer’s Blessing”) was written by Kohenet Ilana Joy Streit in January 2016.

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