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O Mother of Medicine, a kavvanah before a healing journey by Baruch Jean Thaler


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O Mother of Medicine
Creator of all,
Please give me the strength
Never to fall.
And if by some chance
My feet start to stumble,
Grant me the courage
To stand tall yet be humble.
So instill in Your great gift
This body of mine,
A reawakened spirit
A soul so sublime.
Bring to my being
Hands, head and heart,
Your precious love-flow
To make a new start.
Moisten these parched lips
Never to be thirsty,
Brighten my eyes
To finally truly see.
Pave my path a smooth one
Yet just enough challenging,
Sturdy my steps
To reach my meant destiny.
And may I find fulfilment
In all that I do,
To live with pure joy
And continue serving You.
So heal all who are weak
Help those in need,
Fix all that’s broken
In thought, speech and deed.
To learn from our errors
And have no regrets,
For by overcoming them
We become better yet.
And through transforming
Our darkness into light,
We’ll fully reveal
Redemption in our lives.

“O Mother of Medicine” is an original prayer of intention by Baruch Jean Thaler, for use before a healing journey with the aid of entheogenic, psychedelic medicine. The prayer was written down sometime in 2022 upon waking from a dream, humming the melody, and recording the text in two parts, the first half remembered distinctly with a general impression recalled of the second half. It was first used in a healing ceremony a month afterward.





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