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Prayer for Guidance in Times of Indecision, by Grace Aguilar (ca. 1830s)


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Prayer for guidance in times of indecision.
Father, merciful Father!
O look down from Thy dwelling-place on high,
and have compassion on a child of Israel who calls on Thee;
Thou to whom all things are light,
who knowest all things at their very beginning.
Thou seest the doubt and indecision of Thy servant.
O guide me in this matter;
teach me what path is most acceptable to Thee, my God,
and show me the clear line of duty to my parents.
Father, my whole trust is in Thee.
I know whatever Thou ordainest is best,
however it may interfere with my own wishes and inclinations.
I commit myself to Thee, O God;
my soul and body are in Thy hands,
and all my affections, hopes, desires, pleasures,
are also Thine.
O do Thou lead me in the right way;
mine eyes are darkened,
and I shall stumble without Thy supporting hand.
I know not my own heart, O my God;
it is deceitful above all things;
its very wishes are hid from me.
I know not what is for my happiness,
and therefore am I hesitating and weak,
varying and inconstant;
each day a new emotion seems predominant within my heart.
Were I called upon to decide,
I know not in what way to do so.
O my Father, lead me in Thy way,
and teach me what is most pleasing unto Thee.
Wherever I am,
let thy blessing hover round me as a shield.
Be Thou with me,
whether in the shelter of home,
or by a stranger hearth.
Let me feel Thy blessed spirit on my soul,
guiding my every action,
turning my secret thoughts to Thee.
Let not my own will gain ascendancy;
let not my own wishes bid me forget to look to Thee;
govern my thoughts,
that they may not rest too much
on any one desire.
Let not anticipation
deck the future with colours
whose brightness is tarnished
as soon as the future becomes the present.
Whichever way I turn
there seems an equal degree of pleasure and of pain.
I know not which is most acceptable to Thee.
Thou knowest that I trust in Thee,
that my only hope is in Thy mercy.
O let that mercy guide me now;
and whichever way the darkness of indecision be removed,
O let me feel that it is Thy will,
that Thou hast ordained it thus,
that however my own wishes may appear to rebel,
however my sinful thoughts may start objections,
O permit me still to trust in Thy wisdom,
and lean on Thy unfailing mercy.
I call upon Thee, O my God,
with my whole heart.
Answer me for thy name’s sake!—

“Prayer for guidance in times of indecision” by Grace Aguilar was published posthumously by her mother Sarah Aguilar in Sabbath Thoughts and Sacred Communings (1853), pp. 126-128. In Essays and Miscellanies (1853) the prayer appears on pages 211-212.








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