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[Prayer for the] Dedication of a Medical Research Clinic, by Rabbi Avraham Samuel Soltes (ca. 1950s)

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O Healing Spirit of the Universe:
We invoke Thy blessing
as we dedicate
this chapel of therapy
to the sacred service
of medicine.

we are eternally grateful
unto Thee,
O Lord,
that Thou hast fashioned us
not as puppets,
lacking in will or choice,
but as living beings,
with Thy creative spark.

Thou hast placed us
in a world that is imperfect
and incomplete
and hast charged us
with the responsibility
of perfecting and completmg
Thy handiwork.

We thank Thee,
for the diseases
and the suffering
which keep us
from unwarranted pride
and unseeing selfishness,
the torments of body and mind
which make us ever conscious
of our need for each other’s help
and our aspirations
toward Thee.

We thank Thee,
for endowing us
with the wisdom
and the skill
to face our problems
with courage and confidence,
that Thou art with us,
when we labor
to heal and help
our fellow men.

Be Thou
with the physicians and surgeons
whose dedicated hands
will make
of these bricks,
of this steel and glass
a sanctuary of grace
and a tabernacle of blessing,
lifting the spirit
as its strengthens the body.

Praised be Thou,
O Lord,
who doth entrust Thy healing wisdom
to the children of men.

“Dedication of Medical Research Clinic” was first published in Rabbi Avraham Soltes’ collection of prayers, תפלה Invocation: Sheaf of Prayers (Bloch 1959). The prayer is undated and lacks any further details. If you know which Medical Research Clinic was the subject of this prayer, please share this information in the comments below.



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