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Prayer in sickness, by Marcus Heinrich Bresslau (1852)


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All-just God! full of confidence in Thy infinite goodness, I lift up my soul unto Thee, amidst the sorrows which oppress me, and embitter these days to me. May sublime salvation grow to me from this trouble; may the calamity and tribulation which I now endure, contribute to the amendment of my heart. Daily do I experience Thy goodness, Thou awakenest within me elevating thoughts, and rejoicest me by the relief of my cares at intervals. Hear me, Protector of all beings, hear me, and remove for ever the sorrows which I now endure with humble resignation. From the inexhaustible fulness of the stream of Thy paternal goodness, pour only a drop of Thy beneficent balm upon my head: then shall I be saved from my distress, relieved from pain and torment. I may then confidently hope that Thou wilt pardon my offences, and that I shall yet live to see many joyful and happy days; to serve Thee with all my might. Amen.

“Prayer in sickness” was first published in Marcus Heinrich Bresslau’s collection of teḥinot, Teḥinot Banot Yisrael: Devotions for the Daughters of Israel (1852).






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