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Unsung Heroism, a poem by Annie Josephine Levi (1900)


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Unsung Heroism
To smile when the heart is breaking,
Concealing inward pain,
To plod in the thorny pathways
Through sun and mist and rain;
To lighten a comrade’s burden
By whisp’ring words of cheer,
Dispersing the clouds of sorrow
That heaven may appear;
To learn to be self-denying,
Unwilling to repine,
The soul ever upwards striving,
To win the peace divine;—
These noble earthly struggles
With glory shall adorn
Their heroes—bequeathing mem’ries
To races yet unborn.

The poem “Unsung Heroism” was written by Annie Josephine Levi and published in her anthology of teḥinot in English, Meditations of the Heart (1900), page 141.






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