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תפילה לשוב לעבודה | A Prayer for – finally – getting back to WORK by Chaya Kaplan-Lester

בבקשה לשתף תרגום English

Dear God of cappuccino consciousness
In an office-café reminiscent of a Rembrandt
The way the wood seat keeps my back straight
And I can’t fake it
The glee of being free to work
Is a pleasure beyond measure
As I sharpen my bow and release
Into the ‘To Do’ list
nothing listless about it
It’s a ‘ToDah’ list
Of thank you for this
Chance to be a human another morning
To work the work my soul is yearning to work
Please be with me as I partake
Of this joy of being busy with mission
My business is your business
Let’s nail this to do list
Tadaah! list
Todah list
Today list

Chaya Kaplan-Lester’s “Prayer for – Finally – Getting Back to WORK” was first published on her Facebook page, here. The Hebrew word Todah תודה, means grateful. The etymology of the English word ‘ta-da!’ is onomatopoeia for the sound of a horn (Cf. 1913 Sphinx July 98/1): “Coming front in utter disgust, he [sc. a conjuror] tells them [sc. the orchestra] that that won’t do, that he wants something like ‘tadaa!’ from all of them. They seem to understand, so he goes off again. On his reappearance, however, he is met with a loud tumult, as all the orchestra shout out in unison the word ‘tadaa!’” (Oxford English Dictionary).

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