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Mournfully Chant! For Our Choir Accords – a hymn for Tishah b’Av by Penina Moïse (Ḳ.Ḳ. Beth Elohim 1842)


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Mournfully chant! for our choir accords,
In sadness of soul, with Zion’s exiles:
Plaintive their melodies, pensive their words,
Tears of repentance now banishing smiles.
Who will to Israel comfort impart?
Who shall his spirit from sorrow release,
Bind up the wounds of his penitent heart,
Bring the glad tidings of pardon and peace?
Thou, thou alone who o’er Egypt’s red wave,
(When the proud tyrant thy people opprest,)
Rose in thy majesty Judah to save,
And the redeemed with thy covenant blest!
Thou, thou alone, oh ineffable God!
Hope to the contrite canst ever dispense;
Though in the pathway of guilt we have trod,
Mercy will plead for the soul that repents.

“Mournfully chant! for our choir accords,” by Penina Moïse, published in 1842, appears under the subject “Commemoration of the Destruction of Jerusalem (Tishnga Beab)” as Hymn 74 in Hymns Written for the Service of the Hebrew Congregation Beth Elohim, South Carolina (Penina Moïse et al., Ḳ.Ḳ. Beth Elohim, 1842), p. 77. –Aharon Varady






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