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Ḥanukkah, a hymn by Isaac Mayer Wise (1868)

Ḥanukkah, the feast of lights, is in commemoration of the victories of the Maccabees over Antiochus Epiphanes and the Syrians and the re-dedication of the temple of Jerusalem.


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In the Lord is our strength and our power,
He’s our Rock and our Refuge eternal,
His unutterable grace is our tower,
As His love is affection paternal;
Only source of all truth irrefutable,
He’s our God and Redeemer immutable,
When the Syrian foe desecrated
The abode of His glorious presence,
And the people, His love consecrated,
Was enslaved by a king without conscience,
The Almighty pour’d forth inspiration
On Mattathia’s sons and his nation.
Feeble hearts were transported with valor
To reconquer the altar and Ariel;
Divine power unfurled Judah’s banner,
Consecrated the arms of Israel;
The Almighty revealed His salvation
On Mattathia’s sons and his nation.
The perpetual fire on the altar
Was rekindled by victors enraptured;
To our God they resounded the psalter,
And the trumpet of Freedom recaptured;
Over Pagan oppression and blindness
Again triumphed our God’s loving-kindness.
Let us sing a new song of thanksgiving,
At the lights of the feast, Halleluyah !
To the Lord of all lands of the living
And the dead, let us shout Halleluyah !
Halleluyah, the Lord of creation,
Halleluyah, the God of Salvation,

“Hannukah” appears as hymn number XXXVIII in מנהג אמעריקא: תפלות בני ישורון Minhag America: Hymns, Psalms & Prayers in English and German by Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise, et al (1868), p. 104 and 106.






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