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[I’m Spending] Ḥanukkah in Santa Monica, by Tom Lehrer (1990)


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I’m spending Ḥanukkah
In Santa Monica.
Wearing sandals,
Lighting candles
By the sea.
I spent Shevuos
In East St. Louis,
A charming spot
But clearly not
The spot for me.
Those Eastern winters,
I can’t endure ’em,
So ev’ry year
I pack my gear
And come out here
Till Purim.
Rosh Hashonah
I spend in Arizonah,
And Yom Kippuh [Southern accent]
Way down in Mississippuh,
But in December there’s just one place for me.
Amid the California flora
I’ll be lighting my menorah,
Like a baby in his cradle
I’ll be playing with my dreidel,
Here’s to Judas Maccabeus,
Boy, if he could only see us,
Spending Ḥanukkah
In Santa Monica
By the sea.

“[I’m Spending] Hanukkah in Santa Monica” by Tom Lehrer was first written at the request of Garrison Keillor for his radio show The American Radio Company on which it was performed twice, in 1990 and 1992. The song was later released on the album, Bible & Beyond (Larry Milder, 1999). The first recording of Tom Lehrer singing his song can be heard on The Remains of Tom Lehrer (Disc 3) (2000). In 2022, Tom Lehrer gave an enormous Ḥanukkah present to the world, dedicating his entire oeuvre to the Public Domain including this song.







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