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הושענא לתיקון ולנחמה | Hoshana for Healing and Consolation, by Rabbi Dr. Dalia Marx


Source (Hebrew)Translation (English)
הושענא לתיקון ולנחמה
Hoshana for Healing and Consolation
הוֺשַׁע נַא
hosha na, please save!
לְמַעַן אַהֲבָה שֶׁל אֱמֶת
א For the sake of true love
לְמַעַן בְּרָכָה בְּכָל עֵת
ב For the sake of blessing at all times
לְמַעַן גְּשַׁמִים בְּעִתָּם
ג For the sake of rainfall, anytime
לְמַעַן דְּרָכִים וְתִיקּוּנָן
ד For the sake of paths and their rectification
לְמַעַן הָרִים וּמַעֲבָרָם
ה For the sake of mountains and their crossing
לְמַעַן וִיעוּדִים וְתוֺחַלְתַּם
ו For the sake of encounters and their purpose
לְמַעַן זִכְרוֹנוֹת עִתִּים
ז For the sake of lasting memories
לְמַעַן חֲלוֹמוֹת טוֹבִים
ח For the sake of good dreams
לְמַעַן טוּב הָעוֺלַמִים
ט For the sake of goodness throughout all possible worlds
לְמַעַן יֹפִי הַחַיִּים
י For the sake of the beauty of life
לְמַעַן כֹּחַ לַיְעֵפִים
כ For the sake of strength to the weary[1] Isaiah 40:29  
לְמַעַן לְטִיפָה לַכּוֺאֲבִים
ל For the sake of a caress for those in pain
לְמַעַן מְנוּחַה וְהַחְלָפַת כֹּחַ
מ For the sake of rest and restoring strength
לְמַעַן נֶחַמַת לֵב וּמָנוֺחַ
נ For the sake of consolation and peace
לְמַעַן סְפַקוֺת בְּמִידָּתָם
ס For the sake of the measure between self-doubt and self-confidence
לְמַעַן עִמּוּתִים וּפְתִירָתָם
ע For the sake of conflicts and their resolution
לְמַעַן פְּתִיחַת הַלֵּב
פ For the sake of opening the heart
לְמַעַן תֵּת צֹרִי לַכְּאֵב
צ For the sake of healing the pain
לְמַעַן קוֺלוֺת הַקּוֺרְאִים
ק For the sake of yearning voices
לְמַעַן רַחֲמִים מִתְעוֺרְרִים
ר For the sake of arousing compassion
לְמַעַן שֵׁנָה בְּעִתָּהּ
ש For the sake of rest when it’s needed
לְמַעַן תִּקְוָה וְהַגְשָׁמָתָהּ
ת For the sake of hope and fulfillment
הוֺשַׁע נַא
hosha na please, save!

Rabbi Dr. Dalia Marx’s Hoshana for Healing and Consolation was first published in the Israeli Reform Maḥzor for the Three Festivals (2014, p.137) edited by Rabbi Levi Weiman-Kelman and Rabbi Oded Mazor. We are also grateful to Dr. Joyce Gottlieb for her edits.


1Isaiah 40:29



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