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Prayer for the New Year, by Lilian Helen Montagu


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Almighty Father,
We thank Thee
for having brought us together
on this sacred day of rejoicing
and high resolve.
Let us feel Thy nearness.
As we peer into the New Year,
we are faced with deep mystery.
What is to happen to each one of us
and to our Congregation, we ask?
We pray to Thee
that we may have no fear,
except the fear of disobeying Thy law of righteousness,
of withholding love from our fellow beings,
the fear of being slack in our work for peace.
Oh God,
renew our strength
and guide us on the way of life.
Our God,
we remember especially today
the charge given to us by our parents,
by those who have passed out of our sight,
or by our mothers and fathers who are happily with us today,
to seek to build up Thy Kingdom
by our faith in Judaism
by which we live.
Our Father,
give us the courage
to go forward in hope
and steadfastness.

This undated “Prayer for the New Year” by the Hon. Lily H. Montagu (1873-1963) from the archives of the Liberal Jewish Synagogue, London, was published in, Lily Montagu: Sermons, Addresses, Letters, and Prayers (ed. Ellen M. Umansky, 1985), pp. 350.


Lily Montagu, sermons, addresses, letters, and prayers – Religious Leader – p. 350




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