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A Mini-Seliḥot, by Rabbi Menachem Creditor

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forgive us,
but please help us surpass the pre-written stuff.
Remind us to believe in our own living hearts and mouths and souls.

Hear us when we speak.
Comfort us when we cry.
Guide us when we stray.

God, please forgive us
for the things we did wrong
and were brave enough to name,
strong enough to own,
and hopeful enough to see past.

May the coming year find us ready
to be our full size,
strong and brave and hopeful,
alive and healthy and safe.

May the coming year be a good one.

For everyone, Dear God, for everyone.


“A Mini-Selichot” by Menachem Creditor was first published on the Open Siddur Project discussion group on Facebook.

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