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ביעור חמץ | Kavanah for Returning Our Ḥametz to the Earth by Rabbi David Seidenberg (neohasid.org)

https://opensiddur.org/?p=6335 ביעור חמץ | Kavanah for Returning Our Ḥametz to the Earth by Rabbi David Seidenberg (neohasid.org) 2013-03-24 12:27:45 May it be Your will Hashem that we remember that just as we do not own this ḥametz, we do not own this earth. May we once again recall that Adam, the human, is made of <em>afar</em>, soil, dirt, and that God’s promise Abraham that his progeny will become “like the dirt of the earth,” in Aramaic, <em>afra d’ar’a</em>, means that we must live to nourish all Life. Text the Open Siddur Project David Seidenberg David Seidenberg neohasid.org https://opensiddur.org/copyright-policy/ David Seidenberg https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/ Erev Pesaḥ eco-conscious חמץ ḥametz 21st century C.E. 58th century A.M. ecoḥasid
Some people think of this as a magic formula that turns ḥamets into dust. It really is a legal formula that means that you renounce ownership of any ḥamets still in your space or your domain, so that it no longer has any value to you. But is it true that dirt is valueless and ownerless? We certainly act like we own the dirt, the soil. Developers take good land, build houses on it, and truck the topsoil away to sell to other people—thereby doubling profits and doubling damage to the earth. We act like the soil can be renewed and replaced at will, poisoning its microbial communities with pesticides applied even more strongly on our GMO corn and soy, while we replace the nutrients they create with petroleum-based fertilizers. We send the soil downstream and into the ocean along with vast quantities of agricultural runoff, creating algal blooms and anoxic dead zones. In that sense we do treat the soil like it is both ownerless and valueless. But our lives are almost entirely beholden to the soil. If it is ownerless it is because it belongs to all of us, or more precisely, as the story of the rabbi deciding between claimants goes, “The land says it doesn’t belong to you or to you, but that you belong to it.”

Like the dirt of the earth, the ḥamets inside your house becomes what at Burning Man we call “MOOP” or “Matter Out Of Place.” Finding out where it belongs means finding out that it doesn’t belong to you or to us. Returning it to the soil means tilling our stuff back into the earth, where it can become renewed, where it can become sustenance for new life.

Source (Aramaic)Translation (English)

(Add the words in parentheses in the morning when you burn the ḥamets.)
כָׇּל־חֲמִירָא וַחֲמִיעָא דְּאִכָּא בִרְשׁוּתִי (דַּחֲמִתֵּהּ וּ)דְלָא חֲמִתֵּהּ (דְּבַעֲרִתֵּהּ וּ)דְלָא בַעֲרִתֵּהּ לִבְטִיל וְלֶהֱוֵי כְּעַפְרָא דְאַרְעָא׃
All the ḥamets that is in my possession/r’shut, which (I did see or) did not see and which (I did remove or) did not remove, let it be nullified and become like the dirt of the earth/afra d’ar’a.

May we remember on this day that just as we do not own this ḥamets, we do not own this Earth. May we recall that Adam, the human, is made of afar min ha’adamah, soil, dirt from the ground, and that we belong to the soil. May we cherish the soil that comes from millenia of rocks breaking and life growing and decomposing. We too are “hewn from the rock and dug from the mine” of Abraham and Sarah. And so, may it be Your will, Adonai Eloheinu, that we give truth to your promise to Abraham, that his progeny would become “like the soil of the earth, ka`afar ha’arets” – k`afra d’ar’a – and that, like the soil, we may live to nourish all Life. (based on Gen 13:16 and Isaiah 15:1-2)




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