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Thanksgiving, a hymn by Felix Adler (1868)


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Lord let the swelling anthems rise,
Let all the nation’s sing,
To Him who rules above the skies,
Unto the Lord, our King!
The sun, at His command,
Renewed the barren ground—
Rich harvest decks the land,
And plenty smiles around.
Praise ye the Lord, proclaim His might,
Who made our fathers free,
Who gave to us a heavenly light,
The sun of liberty.
A prosperous people hails
Its bright and genial ray,
And golden peace prevails
Wide o’er the land to-day.
Then let your hymns of thanks ascend,
To the Almighty’s throne,
To whom in gratitude we bend,
Who reigns supreme alone.
Of His great mercies tell,
Whom earth and heaven adore,
Let hallelujahs swell
His praise for-evermore!

“Thanksgiving” is a hymn written by Felix Adler and published in Hymns, for Divine Service in the Temple Emanu-El (1871), hymn №35, p. 69. We have tentatively dated this hymn to 1868, since another hymn by Adler (“School-hymn, no. 36”) can be found appended from another unattributed work in A Guide to Instruction in the Israelitsh Religion (Samuel Adler, trans. M. Mayer, Temple Emanu-El, 1864, 4th printing 1868).






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