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Blessing for Rosh Ḥodesh Adar, by Kohenet Ilana Joy Streit

A juicy, playful poem for connection and redemption.

A blessing for announcing the new moon of Adar, for Rosh Ḥodesh Adar, and for the whole month.

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May we be the poppy seeds in each other’s hamentaschen
this year

may the world be sweet to the taste
  soft to the touch
    and moonlight to the eyes
      and redemption to the soul

may we design contests in which we all win
may we design beauty contests to which each moment
  is a contender

may we all be blessed with cousins who have our backs
  and who would fast on our account

may we recognize when we are Esther
  when we are Mordecai
and when we are Aḥashverosh

may we keep remembering to forget to remember

may we each and may all of us appear at the party of our lives
  wearing the crown of our royalty
and whatever the hell else we choose


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