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Blessing for Rosh Ḥodesh Shevat, by Kohenet Ilana Joy Streit

A blessing for announcing the new moon of Shevat, for Rosh Ḥodesh Shevat, and for the whole month.

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the sap
is considering rising
         the snow
         is considering falling

   and here we are
   between the two

may the rising sap
  be woven into us
may it enter
  our bloodstream

may the light from the sun
  reflected off of bare branches
enter into our eyes
    and from our eyes
       to our visions and prayers
  and then to vibrant waters
and a peaceful Jerusalem

may we be the trees
   that we have been waiting for

may it be a month
  of rising and falling
    and being held and beheld
  touching the roots of our sorrow
blessing the roots of our redemption

may we be the trees
   that we have been waiting for

may the Third Temple
   be an altar
       of words and grieving and joyful dancing
at town squares everywhere


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