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Prayer — On Seeking for God, by Rabbi Morrison David Bial (1962)


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Our Father,
sometimes it seems to us
as though Thou art far away,
far beyond the reaching of our mind or heart,
as though neither prayer nor wishing
could ever reach Thee even faintly.
Yet we know that Thou art ever with us,
and it is only our preoccupations with ourselves
that hobble and diminish us
and keep us distant from Thee.
Hast Thou not said:
“If with all your hearts you truly seek Me,
ye shall ever surely find Me.” (Jeremiah 29:13)
Indeed, Thou art more willing to be found
than we are to seek.
Help us to become aware
that Thy spirit and inspiration
are always near.
Help us to realize
that Thou desirest the good of man
and not his evil,
that every soul is to Thee
a wondrous creation,
everyone of us
a dear, beloved child of Thine;
that if we will only learn to turn to Thee,
we will find answer in Thy zeal and mighty acts.
Like children striving
to learn their lessons
to be readied for mature life,
so may we strive to learn
to know Thee and Thy nearness
so that we may make ourselves capable
of the spiritual life of Thy world.

“Prayer — On Seeking for God” by Rabbi Morrison David Bial was first published in his anthology, An Offering of Prayer (1962), p. 22, from where this prayer was transcribed.






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