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Life Sentence by Eprhyme

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Life Sentence (Lyrics)

From cannibus to amatheyst,
Calculus to manuscripts
Welcome to the garden
Where divine inspired madness lives

I am a pacifist trapped in the mind of a masochist
If I was half as passionate about rap,
I still would have mastered it

Before disaster hit
Took longer than the average kid
But then again, tell em friend,
I ain’t no average kid

This ain’t no accident-
Oh that’s cute- you talk s***
I spit galactic fractal laxative adjectives
Hazardous to the snake bitten sippen sacrilege

You can turn water to wine,
but can you turn It back again?
I remain passionate

Got the consciousness of a candle wick
Just one of the earth’s inhabitants
Battling issues of abandonment
Let’s skip this whole Hamlet skit…

From here on out I’m only brutally honest
Im not just tryin to move the crowd,
Im tryin to move the crowd beyond this

This is my personal declaration of independence
You got a right to life, I gotta write my Life Sentence


The forgotten books of Eden (Bigg Jus)
Verbal holographic calligraphy (Bigg Jus)
Every cracker that rap ain’t the Elvis (Edan)
Styles upon styles is what I have (A Tribe Called Quest)

We are alive within the walls of the words
That we erect just to protect us and connect us to the ancestors
Feel the presence of the Heavens and the tensions of the Tempest
In a message from an Essence that is endless

There is no reference point, no context, no metaphor
No simile, no hidden theme, no finish line we’re headed towards
No explanation, only interpretation
I’m guided by the patience and the wisdom of the ancients

The world as we know it- created from our thoughts
Living in between the lines, not confined to the clock
Droppin dimes on the crimes of the mind that we talk
Redefine the design with these rhymes that we walk

I got letters for legs and vowels for feet
I walk across an empty page like I was crossin the street
Listen to your heart, can you follow the beat?
Got the extra mile, smile while you set your style free


The forgotten books of Eden (Bigg Jus)
Verbal holographic calligraphy (Bigg Jus)
Medicine is magical and magical is art (Paul Simon)
Driven by the sonic language passion (Aceyalone)

Every creature on the planet must follow the commandments
Not just letters etched in granite- even Moses broke the tablets
He couldn’t stand it- to see the Living Word so static
So he freed the captives, from Hebrew, Arabic, to Sanskrit

Now he walks about just like he used to talk about
He went from a place of doubt to face to face and mouth to mouth

Direct experience of something greater than yourself
Will make you curious and want to know ‘why’ and what else…
Don’t take life too seriously, it’s not good for your health
It might make you furious and then it’s time to cry for help

From deep within us all calls a voice so still and small
Yet powerful enough to move a mountain- make a nation fall
Political prisoners to the cult of personality
Traveling the family tree of life up to the canopy

Opening up the channels to receive and offer evidence
In this fight for independence co-defendants serve a Life Sentence


The forgotten books of Eden (Bigg Jus)
Verbal holographic calligraphy (Bigg Jus)
They duplicate, I praise The Lord (Gangstarr)
Styles upon styles upon styles is what I have (A Tribe Called Quest)

Eden Pearlstein (Eprhyme) writes in with this hype from his record label, K Records:

‘Life Sentence’ is a poetic exploration of solitary authorship — interpreting the old-world literary tradition and archetypes for the ‘ADD’ generation. This is a boundary and genre-crossing work that exists at the intersection of Radical Jewish, Indy and Hip-Hop culture.

High-brow vs. lo-fi at its best!

Special thanks goes out to everyone who supported the project through Kickstarter, director Lenny Bass, colorist Eric Alvarado, co-producer Amy Smith and choreographer Dages Keates.

Enjoy- and please share, repost etc…

You can learn more about Eprhyme at his label, K Records, and on Eprhyme’s website.


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