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Inauguration Day Prayer for President Dwight D. Eisenhower by Rabbi Abba Hillel Silver (1953)

O God, who art beyond our knowledge but near to our hearts and our needs, we pray this day for Thy servant, Dwight D. Eisenhower, as he takes up the burdens of the high office of President of these United States of America.

Keep him with great kindness, O Thou ruler of nations, and give him a wise and understanding heart that he may lead Thy people in these shadowed times, in truth and steadfastness, in patience. and in love.

Guide his hands to Thy purpose and his will unfailingly to Thy service. May he be the bringer of good tidings and the architect of a new hope for our country and for mankind.

May Thy spirit rest upon the Vice President of the United States and upon all the chosen representatives of our Government.

Be gracious, O Lord, unto our land and our people. Help us to preserve our blessed heritage of freedom and to make secure our institutions of law. equality, and justice. May it be given unto us to walk always in the dignity of free men secure in our rights and faithful in the obligations of our prized citizenship.

Make us all of one heart, O God, so that together as one people we may move forward unafraid to the tasks and challenges of the inscrutable years which lie ahead. Amen.

This prayer by Rabbi Abba Hillel Silver, of Cleveland, Ohio, was recorded in the United States’ Congressional Record for January 20, 1953.

Inauguration Day Prayer for President President Dwight D. Eisenhower by Rabbi Rabbi Abba Hillel Silver (1953)

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