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Perhaps: A Prayer with God for the World, a prayer-poem by Rabbi Menachem Creditor


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Perhaps: A Prayer with God for the World
Dear God, Holy One, Beloved,
This fragile, beautiful world of ours stands at a precipice.
It always has. Perhaps it always will.
Every moment seems to be a crossroad.
Perhaps that was the plan.
Perhaps there was no plan.
But we promise again, Mother of All:
You’ve got us.
And we’ve got a plan.
Perhaps, Divine Mystery, that’s You, in us.
Perhaps our yearning for a more created world
is truly Your Spirit stirring in our minds’ eyes,
inspiring us to be the change we dream to see.
Perhaps, after all,
Yours has never been a plan,
but rather seeds of sacred vision.
Perhaps You, Dear One, and we, your children,
are learning every day and doing our best
to see more clearly and feel more fiercely.
God, that is a true gift:
to see with Your Eyes
and to love with Your Love.
For these blessings,
and the gift of more days in which to be of service with You
as partners in Creation,
may we be ever thankful.
We know we are called to repair
that which remains broken.
And so, we pray:
May we walk humbly but not too humbly
as we channel Your Spirit, coursing through our bodies
to bring more justice, more kindness, more hope,
and more love into the world.
May the coming days find us ever ready
to walk in Your ways by walking with each other
to do with our bodies what we often ask of You:
to see, to discover, to build
a truly beautiful world,
a world of Ḥesed, of Love.

“Perhaps: A Prayer with God for the World” by Rabbi Menachem Creditor was first published by the author on 8 July 2022 on his blog and on his Facebook page and shared through the Open Siddur Project Discussion Group (also on Facebook).




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