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Morning Hymn [in Illness] (Father of all), by Grace Aguilar (ca. 1830s)


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Morning hymn [in Illness].
Father of all! beneficent Giver of all good,
O pour Thy spirit on my lips,
that I may praise Thee, and glorify Thee
for the blessings so constantly surrounding me.
Though my weak offering ascend from my bed,
permit Thy grace to purify and render it acceptable to Thee.
Praise Thou thyself in me,
for my sinful nature knows not
how to frame the words of thanksgiving
pleasing unto Thee.
Thou hast deemed it good to deprive me
of the elasticity of spirit,
and buoyancy of health,
which Thy loving-kindness permitted
should continue for so long a time;
yet will I thank and bless Thee, O my Father,
for the light affliction
with which Thou hast afflicted me;
I bless Thee
for the hours of calm
and dreamless sleep
Thou hast bestowed on me;
Thy shield was around me;
Thy arm sustained me.
Thy mercy permitteth me again
to wake in sense and life.
I bless Thee
for continuing around me the friends I love;
the kindness they lavish on me, O Lord,
springeth from Thee alone.
I bless Thee
for the comforts of home,
the peace and sufficiency,
which in sickness as in health
are mine;
and O blessed art Thou, my merciful Father,
for the glad sunshine which,
illumining all the creation,
beameth within my chamber, and whispereth,
that even as those glorious beams
pass not by on their course,
and leave me in darkness,
so wilt not Thou forsake me, O my God.
Thy grace will shine upon my soul
in sickness as in health,
and give me peace;
for the rain, the wind, each varying change,
I bless Thee, Lord;
for they are the glorious emblems
of Thy never-failing mercy,
Thy constant love for man.
Thou givest man his food,
and hearest the young ravens when they cry,
and me hast Thou fed, O my Father,
and my tongue shall speak of Thy glory
all the day long,
for enabling me still to look on Thy beautiful world
with adoration and with love,
though my spirit rises not in eager joy,
as was its wont in health.
For the blessed privilege
of calling upon Thee,
clinging to Thee,
trusting in Thee,
O Lord, I bless Thee.
O though words fail,
and I cannot magnify Thy name,
magnify it unto me my God;
teach me to praise Thee,
and O reject not the offerings of a sad and contrite heart;
a broken spirit Thou hast promised not to despise;
Thou seest mine is broken; merciful Father
it shares the weakness of its earthly prison,
and cannot address Thee in connected words.
O accept my imperfect praises;
there is none like unto Thee,
the One true God,
the living God,
the everlasting King;
there is no mercy, no love
like Thine.
O my Father,
permit them to descend upon my soul,
and teach it how to praise Thee;
waft its thanksgivings on high.
Blessed art Thou
who healest the sick,
restorest to life
and causest salvation to spring forth.
and glorified,
and magnified
be Thy holy and sacred name,
Almighty and merciful Father,
henceforth and for ever.
Amen, and Amen.

“Morning hymn (Father all)” [in Illness] by Grace Aguilar was published posthumously by her mother Sarah Aguilar in the UK edition of Sacred Communings, pp. 116-117. It is not found in the US edition.






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