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על הכל יתגדל ויתקדש | A Ḳaddish During the Removal of the Torah from the Ark in the Seder Rav Amram Gaon

This Kaddish appears in the Shabbat morning service liturgy after the removal of the Torah immediately preceding the Torah reading in the Nusaḥ ha-ARI z”l. This kaddish was shared online by Jewish Renewal Chassidus by Gabbai Seth Fishman in the name of Reb Zalman, as a kaddish that can be said by a mourner when there is no minyan present for them to recite the regular Kaddish Yatom (“Mourner’s Kaddish”). Rabbi Oren Steinitz translated the kaddish on the 3rd yahrzeit after Reb Zalman’s passing.


1 Psalms 68:5
2 Isaiah 42:8
3 Isaiah 40:5

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