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A Bedtime Prayer at Night, by Dinah Julia Levi (1900)


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“I laid me down and slept;
I awaked: for the Lord sustained me.” (Psalms 3:5)
The close of another day is at hand,
and I, Thy loving child,
approach Thee, Father,
in thankfulness and praise.
I feel Thou hast been near to me
during the passing hours,
and thank Thee for Thy loving care;
and now, Heavenly Father,
in the darkness of the night
when I lay me down to rest,
in grateful humility I pray Thee
to extend Thy blessing over this household,
and grant that the night may be passed
in restfulness and security,
knowing Thy watchful care surrounds us.
Permit us to awake the coming morn
refreshed in mind and body,
with strength and health renewed,
prepared to undertake our duties in life
with gladsome hearts and willing hands.
Father, I rest secure,
for Thou art with me.

This untitled “evening mediation,” a bedtime prayer, was written by Dinah Julia Levi née Emanuel and included by her daughter, Annie Josephine Levi, in her anthology of teḥinot in English, Meditations of the Heart (1900), pp. 74-75.






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