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Evening Prayer (Another day hath passed) [version 1], by Grace Aguilar (ca. 1830s)


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Evening prayer.
Another day hath passed, oh most merciful and gracious God,
and night, which Thou in Thy great goodness
hast ordained to bring rest and sleep
to the children of earth,
is at hand.
Almighty and ever blessed God,
oh guard me
and all the inhabitants of this house
from the terrors of the night.
Oh grant that gentle and refreshing sleep
descend on mine eyelids,
and that I may wake again in the morning,
with health and strength renewed,
to go through the duties of the day.
Oh preserve me from evil dreams,
and grant that happy and innocent visions
may flit around my pillow.
Guard my sleeping thoughts
from impurity and guilt, oh Eternal,
that when I wake in the morning
my first thought may be on Thee,
and on Thy unnumbered mercies,
oh my Father.
Let Thy glorious works,
Thy never-ceasing mercies,
be ever present to my mind,
when I lie down at night
and when I rise up in the morning;
permit them to be so strongly impressed within me
that love and gratitude may ever fill my heart
towards Thee, gracious Sovereign of the Universe!
Lord alike of heaven and earth,
blessed be Thy name!
Almighty Father,
I have sinned through the past day,
but mine eyes are blind,
and my sins are hid from me.
I have failed
in love and devotedness to Thee, oh Lord,
and many other sins from me concealed
are known to Thee, oh Lord,
and Thou wilt not forget them.
Oh have mercy,
and pardon, for Thy great Name’s sake,
the sins I have committed in the hours that are past,
and through Thine infinite mercy, Almighty Father,
give me strength to guard against them in the future.
If I have performed my earthly duties
pleasingly to Thee, oh my Father,
to Thee be all the glory!
Lead me in Thy path,
that I may perform my duty
better and better every day,
Father! Have mercy on me,
and in the hours of darkness
be Thou my guardian and my shield.
Oh pour Thy blessing on me,
and grant, oh Eternal,
that on the morrow I may wake early to pray,
and with renewed health and spirits
rise to do my duties on earth.
Oh hear me, Almighty Father,
and through Thine infinite mercy
grant my prayer.
Blessed be Thy great Name,
for evermore! —
Amen and Amen.

“Evening Prayer (Another day hath passed)” [version 1] by Grace Aguilar was published posthumously by her mother Sarah Aguilar in Essays and Miscellanies (1853), in the section “Sacred Communings,” pp. 221-222. Another version of the prayer (“Evening Prayer (Another day hath passed) [version 2]“) with some lines missing and others added, appears in the UK edition on pages 95-97.








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