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Evening Prayer (Another day hath passed) [version 2], by Grace Aguilar (ca. 1830s)


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Evening prayer.
Another day hath passed, O most merciful and gracious God;
and night, which Thou, in Thy great goodness
hast ordained to bring refreshing sleep
to the children of earth,
is at hand.
Almighty and ever blessed God,
O shield me
and all the inhabitants of this house
from the terrors of the night.
O, grant that gentle and refreshing sleep
descend on mine eyelids,
and that I may awake in the morning
with health and strength renewed,
to go through the duties of the day.
O preserve me from evil dreams,
and grant that happy and peaceful visions
may flit around my pillow.
Guard my sleeping thoughts
from impurity and guilt, O Eternal,
that when I wake in the morning,
my first thoughts may be on Thee our Father,
and Thy unnumbered mercies.
Let Thy glorious works,
Thy never-ceasing goodness
be ever present to my thoughts
when I lie down at night,
and when I rise up in the morning.[1] A couple of lines are added here in version 1 of this prayer 
Almighty Father!
I have sinned during the past day,
but mine eyes are blind,[2] A line is added here in version 1 of this prayer 
and my sins are hid from me;
but they are known to Thee, O King of justice,
and Thou wilt not forget them.
O have mercy on me,
and pardon the sins I have committed
in the hours that are past,
and give me strength, O most merciful Father,
to guard against them on the morrow.
I know that I have sinned, Almighty Father—
sinned if not in actual evil, in doing but little good.
If I have done anything
that is acceptable in Thy presence,
O my God, let it weigh against my sins.[3] This section missing in version 1 
Father! have mercy upon me,
and in hours of darkness
be Thou my guardian and shield!
O pour Thy blessing on me,
and grant that happy and innocent visions,
may flit around my pillow;[4] This line missing in version 1. 
and grant, O Eternal,
that on the morrow I may wake early to pray,
and with renewed health and spirits
rise to do my duties upon Earth.
O hear me, Almighty Father,
hear me,
and through Thy infinite mercy
grant my prayer!
Blessed be Thy great name
for evermore!

“Evening Prayer (Another day hath passed)” [version 2] by Grace Aguilar was published posthumously by her mother Sarah Aguilar in the UK edition of Sacred Communings (1853), pp. 95-97. Another version of the prayer (“Evening Prayer (Another day hath passed) [version 1]“) with some lines missing and others added, appears in the US edition on pages pp. 221-222.







1A couple of lines are added here in version 1 of this prayer
2A line is added here in version 1 of this prayer
3This section missing in version 1
4This line missing in version 1.



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