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Evening Hymn (Blessed art Thou), by Grace Aguilar (ca. 1830s)


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Evening hymn.
Blessed art Thou, O Almighty and All-powerful God,
who ordainest that night should succecd to day.
Blessed art Thou,
who in Thy great mercy
hast ordained a season of calm and quiet,
that the children of earth should rest
from the toils and fatigues of labour.
The sun which shines forth during the day,
and with its brilliant light and refreshing heat
proclaims Thy power, O God,
hath withdrawn his rays
and that broad light disappears,
and a soft silvery haze succeeds.
Unnumbered stars glitter on the dark blue Heavens,
and the silver planet created to give light
to the calm and quiet night,
holds her peaceful sway.
All is calm and silent,
nature raises not her voice in loud and joyous strains,
to utter forth Thy praises, O Almighty Father.
Thy creatures whose tongues would praise Thee are at rest,
from man to the lowest worm that crawls on the face of the Earth,
to all, night bringeth calm and peace.
But Thy Power, Thy Majesty O God!
is seen and proclaimed even in the silent night,
though the tongue of man is dumb.
Nature has lost her glittering splendour,
but the pale moon that shines forth
on her dark blue throne,
proclaims the glory of her Maker!
and each star that shines forth,
and twinkles in the Heavens,
has a language of its own,
and proclaims the glory,
and the power,
and the holiness of God!
I look forth in the still night,
and my heart is lifted up in adoration and in love,
but words are lost.
I would sing forth Thy Glory, O God,
in a song of praise,
but my lips are dumb with overflowing love
and grateful adoration.
Nature praises Thee and blesses Thee, O God,
the voice of nature shouts forth Thy Almighty Glory.
Blessed art Thou, O God of Heaven.
Blessed be Thy great name now and evermore!

“Evening Hymn (Blessed art Thou)” by Grace Aguilar was published posthumously by her mother Sarah Aguilar in the UK edition of Sacred Communings, pp. 94-95. It is not found in the US edition.






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