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הַנָּאוָה בַּבָּנוֹת | Hana’avah Babanōt, a song by Amitai Ne’eman (1955)

Source (Hebrew) Translation (English)

הַנָּאוָה בַּבָּנוֹת,
אָנָּא הָאִירִי פָּנַיִךְ אֵלַי,
הָאִירִי פָּנַיִךְ אֵלַי!
Fairest among maidens,
oh pray! let thine eyes shine upon me
let thine eyes shine upon me

בּוֹא דּוֹדִי כִּי יָפִיתָ
אַף נָעַמְתָּ עַד מְאוֹד.
שְׁלַח יָדְךָ וְחַבְּקֵנִי,
אַמְּצֵנִי עוֹד וָעוֹד.
Come, my beloved, for thou art handsome
And infinitely gentle.
Stretch out thine arms to embrace me
And hug me again and again.

The song “Hana’avah Babanot” by Avitai Ne’eman was first published with English translation (also by Ne’eman) in Folk Songs of Israel (Elektra 1955) sung by Theodore Bikel.




Hanavah Babanot – Folk Songs of Israel (1959)


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