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Sabbath Blessing, a prayer by Caroline de Litchfield Harby (Reformed Society of Israel ca. 1826)


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We will give praise to God who ceased from all his works,
and on the seventh day exalted himself
and sat on the throne of his glory.
With honour did he adorn the day of rest,
and called the Sabbath a day of delight.
This is the song of praise for the seventh day,
whereon God rested from all his work:
and the sabbath day praising and saying,
a psalm and song for the Sabbath day.[1] Psalms 92:1 
Therefore, all whom God hath formed shall glorify him.
They shall ascribe praise, honour, might and glory
unto the King who hath formed all things
and who causeth his People Israel to inherit rest on the holy Sabbath.
Thy name, O lord our God! shall be sanctified;
and thy memorial, our king! be glorified
in the heavens above,
and on the earth beneath,
for all the the praiseworthy works of thy hands,
and for the bright luminaries which thou hast formed:
they shall glorify thee for ever.
Blessed be thou for ever, our Rock, King, and Redeemer!
Creator of holy angels,
Praised shall be thy name for ever, o, our King!
creator of officiating angels,
and whose ministering angels are all established in the highest sphere,
causing with reverence and unanimity, their voice to be heard,
proclaiming the dictates of the Living God and eternal Sovereign.
They are all lovely, pure, mighty, and holy Spirits,
all performing the will of their master with sacred fear and reverence:
all of them opening their mouths in holiness and purity:
and with song and psalmody
continually blessing, praising,
glorifying, hallowing,
reverencing, and ascribing sovereign Power, unto the name of God,
the great, mighty, and tremendous King, who alone is holy.
They also all willingly receive from each other, the yoke of the Kingdom of Heaven;
and give permission to one another, to sanctify their Maker,
with a tranquil spirit, pure delivery, and sacred harmony;
they altogether cry aloud with awful fear, and proclaim with reverence,
Holy! Holy! Holy! is the Lord of Hosts! the whole earth is full of his glory.[2] Isaiah 6:3.  
And the Ophanim, and holy creatures, with an impetuous motion
upraise themselves towards each other,
praising and saying,
Blessed be the glory of the Lord from his residence![3] Ezekiel 3:12. 

“Sabbath Blessing” by Caroline de Litchfield Harby (ca.1800-1876), is included in the so-called Isaac Harby Prayerbook (1974) also known as the Cohn Lithograph, a handwritten prayerbook attesting to the prayers of the Reformed Society of Israel. –Aharon Varady


Sabbath Blessing (Caroline de Litchfield Harby ca.1826) a

Sabbath Blessing (Caroline de Litchfield Harby ca.1826) b

Sabbath Blessing (Caroline de Litchfield Harby ca.1826) c



1Psalms 92:1
2Isaiah 6:3.
3Ezekiel 3:12.



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