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בַּעָל חוֹבֵנוּ | Ba’al Ḥoveinu, a piyut for Seliḥot on the advent of the Shmitah year by Rabbi David Seidenberg (neohasid.org)


This short piyut touches on these four themes related to Shmitah: release of debts, the rights of the land, the rights of wild animals (who share our food during Shmitah), and the freeing of slaves. The piyut would fit as part of Seliḥot before Rosh haShanah and during Yom Kippur…(With thanks to Itsik Pariente for help with grammar.)

Source (Hebrew) Translation (English) Transliteration (Romanized Hebrew)

בַּעָל חוֹבֵנוּ, שְׁמֹט חוֹבוֹתֵינוּ!
קוֹנֶה כָּל אָרֶץ, רַפֵּא שְׁדוּדָתֵינוּ!
מַתִיר אֲסוּרִים,
בְּהֵמָה וְאָדָם, הַמַּכְנִיעַ חַמָס,
מִיָדֵינוּ שַחְרֵרָם!
וְרָק אָז תְּתוּקַּן צִדְקוֹתֵינוּ.
Our creditor, release our debts, our sins!
Possessor of all Earth, heal the one we have plundered!
Liberator of the bound,
animal and human — those oppressed by violence —
from our hands free them!
And only then will our righteousness be perfected.
Ba’al ḥoveinu, sh’mot ḥovoteinu!
Ḳoneh kol arets, rapei sh’dudeinu!
Matir asurim,
b’heimah va’adam, hamakhni’a ḥamas,
miyadeinu shaḥreram!
V’raq az t’tuqan tsidqoteinu!

This piyut for Seliḥot on the advent of the Shitah year, “Ba’al Ḥoveinu,” was composed by Rabbi David Seidenberg and shared on the Open Siddur Project discussion group on Facebook. It can be accessed at neohasid.org.


Melody by David Seidenberg

Melody by Ami Goodman


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