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Monday’s Prayer, by Lilian Helen Montagu (1895)


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Monday’s prayer.
Almighty Father,—
Help me,
through all my life,
to do my duty,
so that I may never
be ashamed or despair.
Let me never forget
that on me, as a girl,
depends, to a great extent,
the happiness of my home.
Help me
to be cheerful,
and loving with my parents.
Let me never forget
how much I owe to them,
how much they have suffered and sacrificed
for my sake;
let my love for them,
and desire to help them as much as I possibly can,
become stronger as I grow older.
Increase my influence over my brothers;
grant that I may carry out my resolution
to learn about subjects which interest them,
so that they may not find their home dull,
and seek sympathy elsewhere.
May the thought of my purity and truthfulness
help them to lead pure and true lives!
Make me, O God,
a good sister to my sisters!
Show me how I can serve
those who are older than I;
may I be able to guide and uphold
the younger ones!
For all this, O Lord,
do Thou give me strength and power.
As I grow older help me
to understand more
and more thoroughly,
that a woman’s greatest glory
is the brightness and purity
of the home to which she belongs!
Our daughters shall be as corner-stones
hewn after the fashion of a temple. (Psalms 144:12)

“Monday’s Prayer” was written by Lilian Helen Montagu and published in Prayers for Jewish Working Girls (1895), pp. 11-12.






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