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Sabbath prayer, by Lilian Helen Montagu (1895)

https://opensiddur.org/?p=50697 Sabbath prayer, by Lilian Helen Montagu (1895) 2023-05-08 19:10:01 "Sabbath Prayer" was written by Lilian Helen Montagu and published in <em><a href="https://opensiddur.org/?p=50550">Prayers for Jewish Working Girls</a></em> (1895), pp. 19-20. Text the Open Siddur Project Aharon N. Varady (transcription) Aharon N. Varady (transcription) Lilian Helen Montagu https://opensiddur.org/copyright-policy/ Aharon N. Varady (transcription) https://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zero/1.0/ Saturday 19th century C.E. תחינות teḥinot 57th century A.M. Jewish Women's Prayers English vernacular prayer teḥinot in English West Central Girls' Club

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Sabbath prayer.
Almighty Father,—
Thou hast given us the Sabbath
in order that we may rest
after the hard work of the week,
and also that we should have more time
to engage in holy thought
and in sincere thanksgiving.
After pouring out my heart to Thee,
I am raised above my surroundings,
my difficulties seem to disappear,
and I am ready to begin again my work
with new courage,
new hope,
and new faith.
O Lord,
let me keep Thy Sabbath
in a manner pleasing unto Thee!
Let me not think of the work I am losing,
or of the sacrifices I am making.
Thou hast given us the Sabbath for our good.
Without it, we might lose our separateness,
and our mission would be taken away from us.
O Lord,
make my mind more pure,
more steadfast,
more earnest,
that no worldly thoughts may come
to disturb my Sabbath rest.
Almighty God,
help me to do my duty during the coming week.
Preserve me from temptation and sin;
attach me to virtue and godliness,
and bring me nearer unto Thee!
With my whole heart have I sought Thee;
O let me not wander from Thy commandments.
Thy word have I hid in my heart,
that I might not sin against Thee. (Psalms 119:10-11)

“Sabbath Prayer” was written by Lilian Helen Montagu and published in Prayers for Jewish Working Girls (1895), pp. 19-20.






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