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A Prayer of Thanksgiving for Sunday, by Marcus Heinrich Bresslau (1852)


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Hallelujah! Praise ye God, the Eternal, who in His Omnipotence brought forth the world from nothing, and who by His merciful command “Let there be light,”[1] Genesis 1:3.  set a boundary to the darkness of chaos. Thanks to Thee, O Father, for the beneficial and all-rejoicing Light; thanks to Thee for this boon, so worthy of Thy greatness a boon, the salutary influence of which I now also enjoy that I may look up to Thee, Father, with filial confidence, and that I may worship Thee with deep reverence.

And since light was the first production which Thou, in Thine all-merciful greatness, calledst forth in Thy Creation, since light was the first, which, as we are taught by Holy Scripture, Thou hast deigned to designate a good gift: may it be Thy will, all-gracious Father, that this great boon may rejoice and cheer me also, Thy handmaiden, whilst I live; and that it may also serve me for that purpose, which was intended by Thy wisdom, for the whole community of mankind.

Grant also, O Lord! I beseech Thee, that the Light of Thy truth may guide, enlighten, and prosper me, that my spirit may not grope in the dark, and that I may not fall a prey to corruption. Grant, O All-merciful One! that the light of Thy sacred law may lead me in the path of virtue, that I may never deviate therefrom, but continue to ennoble my heart, and render myself ever worthier of Thy mercy, which, I trust, Thou wilt never withhold from me. Amen.





1Genesis 1:3.



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