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An Untitled Prayer for Shaḥarit on days without Taḥanun after Psalms 15, by Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi (2009)

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Dear God,
We take delight in the privilege
To be created for Your glory —
Not to walk about in confusion;
To feel in us,
Your implant of eternal life.

Open our hearts to Your Torah.
Secure in our hearts,
Love and Awe for You.
May we not waste our lives
Or cause discord.

We plead with You, Yah,
Our God,
Support of our Parents,
That in this life
We may be faithful to Your intent.
And that we may live,
To experience
The days of Mashiaḥ,
And the life of the world to come.

To trust in You, Yah,
Is our blessing.
I will keep chanting in Your honor,
And offer my gratefulness,
And not be silent.

Yah will prove trustworthy.
Yah shaped the worlds,
We can stake our trust on this.
Knowing how to call on You,
We can depend on You.

You never abandoned those
Who sought You, Yah.

This is true because
You, Yah,
desire this.

In order that Your justice prevail,
You extend the Torah,
To be ever more
Compelling and strong.


In his Siddur Tehilat Hashem Yedaber Pi (2009), this untitled teḥinah appears just below Rabbi Zalman Schachter Shalomi’s translation of Psalms 15 (recited on joyful and celebrative days when Taḥanun is not recited) and just above the Psalms of the Day section. We are not certain whether this teḥinah is an original prayer by Reb Zalman, a translation of an existing teḥinah found for Taḥanun, or a composite of teḥinot found in the Taḥanun service.


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