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Avraham Leader (translation)

Avraham Leader is an internationally acclaimed teacher of various schools of Kabbalah and a founder of Matzref – The School for the Study of the Prophetic Consciousness Teachings of Rabbi Avraham Abulafia. Avraham has published new editions and translations of primary Kabbalistic texts. His students over the past thirty-five years include teachers, researchers, rabbis and beginners.


בִּרְכָּת אַהֲבַה | Ahavah Rabbah, by Michal Talya

Contributed on: 07 Mar 2020 by Avraham Leader (translation) | Michal Talya |

The blessing recited prior to the Shema, in the wording of Michal Talya. . . .

וידוי הגדול | Vidui HaGadol: The Great Confession, an Al Ḥeyt litany by Michal Talya

Contributed on: 22 Nov 2018 by Michal Talya | Avraham Leader (translation) |

This vidui (confession), based on the traditional pattern of Yom Kipur confession, was written around 2011by Michal Talya and is used by several liberal communities in Israel. . . .

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