Aharon N. Varady

Founding director of the Open Siddur Project, Aharon Varady is a community planner (M.C.P.) and Jewish educator (M.A. J.Ed.) working to improve stewardship of the Public Domain, be it the physical and natural commons of urban park systems or the creative and cultural commons of Torah study. His work on the adoption of Open Source strategies in the Jewish community has been written about in the Yiddish Forverts, the Atlantic Magazine, Tablet, and Haaretz. Aharon Varady studied environmental planning and planning history at DAAP/University of Cincinnati, and the intersection of theurgy, experiential education, and ecology at the Davidson School of Education/JTSA. Here at opensiddur.org, he serves as hierophant, welcoming new users, adding new posts, and keeping the site up-to-date. If you find any mistakes in his translations or transcriptions, please let him know. Shgiyot mi yavin, Ministarot Nakeni שְׁגִיאוֹת מִי־יָבִין; מִנִּסְתָּרוֹת נַקֵּנִי "Who can know all one's flaws? From hidden errors, correct me" (Psalms 19:13). If you find his work helpful to your own or you'd simply like to support him, please consider donating via his Patreon account.

שִׁוִּיתִי | Shiviti: perceiving the world as an expression of divine Oneness
ברכות השחר | Blessings at your Dawn of Wakefulness, translated by Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi
סדור לבנת הספיר לקבלת שבת | Siddur Livnat HaSapir l’Kabbalat Shabbat, a Friday Night prayerbook arranged by Aharon Varady (2017)
מוֹדה אֲנִי | Returning the body to the soul: an adaptation of Modeh Ani by Moshe ibn Makhir
‘Make yourself into a maqom hefker’: Primary sources on open-source in Judaism (sourcesheet)
SHARE WHAT YOU LOVE ♡ A Decision Tree for Choosing Free-Culture Compatible Open Content Licenses for Cultural & Technological Work
Explanation and ritual for the Jewish New Year’s Day for Animals, Rosh haShanah la-Behemah on Rosh Ḥodesh Elul
Kavvanah before Shofar Blowing on Rosh Ḥodesh Elul for Rosh haShanah la-Behemah (the Jewish New Year’s Day for Animals), by Aharon Varady
The Council of All Beings, an activity for all ages on the Jewish New Year’s Day for Animals, Rosh haShanah la-Behemah, on Rosh Ḥodesh Elul
תפילה על מת בהמה או חיה מחמד | Prayer on the Death of a Beloved Animal, by Aharon Varady (1994)
סֵדֶר סְפִירַת הָעֹמֶר | the Order of Counting the Omer in the Spring
Scaling the Walls of the Labyrinth: Psalms 67 and Ana b’Khoaḥ
מי שברך על קבלת שם עברי | Mi sheBerakh on Receiving a Hebrew Name as an Adult
תפילה לחודש כסלו עד סוף חנוכה | Prayer for the month of Kislev through the end of Ḥanukkah, by Rabbi Levi Weiman-Kelman (from Isaiah 60)
Adventures in Ancient Jewish Liturgy: the Birkat Kohanim
ברכת המזון | Ḥaveri Nevarekh: Blessing the Spirit of All-which-Lives after Eating and Feeling Satiated, a Birkon by Aharon Varady (2016)
פֶּרֶק שִׁירָה | Pereq Shirah, a litany of verses pronounced in the voice of the creatures & works of Creation (after the arrangement of Natan Slifkin)
שמע | An illustrated meditation on the unification of imagination and awareness through empathy
שירת הים | Shirat haYam :: the Song of the Sea (Exodus 15:1-19)
עַל הַנִּסִּים בִּימֵי הוֹדָיָה לְאֻמִּיִּים | Al Hanissim prayer for thanksgiving on all Secular/National Days of Gratitude, by Aharon Varady
על הניסים | Tanksgiv All the Boona, an al hanissim prayer of thanksgiving on Thanksgiving Day by Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, z”l
Adventures in Ancient Jewish Liturgy: The Ten Commandments and the Sh’ma in the Nash Papyrus
האותיות של האבג״ד בעברית | A Periodic Table of the Hebrew Aleph Bet Emphasizing Phonetic Grouping, Symbolic Association, and Diversity of Letter Form
יום קשת מ״ב בעומר | The 42nd Day of the Omer is Rainbow Day
A prayer for the recovery of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Testing Web browsers as Platforms for Hebrew Text Publishing
חנוכה מדריך | A Ḥanukkah Madrikh! by Noam Lerman & Aharon Varady (2011)
ט״ו באב | Tu b’Av: sources for study and celebration on the 15th of Av
How to craft a small siddur or bentsher by Aharon Varady
The afikoman hiding in plain sight: On Freedom and Roleplaying in Re-enacting Judaism’s Archetypal Hero’s Journey
תחינה לתחילת יומן חדש | Prayer on Beginning a New Journal, by Aharon N. Varady
הַתִּקּוּן הַכְּלָלִי שֶׁל רֶבִּי נַחְמָן | The Tiqqun haKlali (General Remedy) of Rebbe Naḥman of Bratslav
A Tale of Two Codexes: The Aleppo and Leningrad Codex
An interview with Aharon Varady on Open Source Judaism (Radio613, 2010)
Publicly funded work of Jewish non-profits should be shared with Open Content licensing (Future of Jewish Non Profit Summit, 2010)
Our hearts are stirred to create and to share
נֻסְחָאוֹת | A Historical Map of Jewish Liturgical Influence and Variation, by Aharon Varady after Joseph Heinemann
Thankful for the Internet Sacred Text Archive’s John Bruno Hare (1955-2010)
On the Open Siddur Project: A Brochure Presented at the Academy for Jewish Religion’s Spring Intensive 2010
Access, Sharing, and Innovation through Digitization and the Public Domain
Preserving Public Domain resources from End User License Agreements in Proprietary Torah Databases
Spiritual Alienation and the Siddur (PresenTense, 2009)
Why, davka, an Open Siddur Project by Aharon Varady (PresenTense 2009)
Pirate Siddurim vs. Open Siddurim (PresenTense 2009)
First Pitch from the Hotseat (PresenTense 2009)
Digitizing Siddurim (PresenTense 2009)
PresenTense Institute Summer Workshop 2009

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