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Aharon Varady (translation/Hebrew)

Aharon Varady (M.A.J.Ed./JTSA Davidson) is a volunteer translator for the Open Siddur Project. If you find any mistakes in his translations, please let him know. Shgiyot mi yavin; ministarot naqeni שְׁגִיאוֹת מִי־יָבִין; מִנִּסְתָּרוֹת נַקֵּנִי "Who can know all one's flaws? From hidden errors, correct me" (Psalms 19:13). If you'd like to directly support his work, please consider donating via his Patreon account. (Varady also transcribes prayers and contributes his own original work besides administering the Open Siddur Project and this website.)


א דוּדעלע (אַיֵּה אֶמְצָאֶךָּ)‏ | A Dudele (Where shall I seek you?), by Rabbi Levi Yitsḥaq of Berditchev (ca. 18th c.)

Contributed on: 02 Jun 2020 by Aharon N. Varady (translation) | Aharon Varady (translation/Hebrew) | Levi Yitsḥaq Derbarmdiger Rosakov of Berditchev |

A profound song invoking divine presence. . . .

A Scholar’s Prayer for Intellectual Honesty, adapted from a prayer quoted by Dr. Leslie Weatherhead (1951)

Contributed on: 23 Nov 2020 by Aharon Varady (translation/Hebrew) | Leslie Weatherhead | Unknown Author(s) |

A prayer for intellectual honesty before study. . . .

אֶחָד | One, a song by Harry Nilsson (1967)

Contributed on: 19 Apr 2021 by Aharon Varady (translation/Hebrew) | Harry Nilsson |

A Hebrew translation of the lyrics to Harry Nilsson’s “One” (1967) as sung by Aimee Mann (1995) . . .

בסיעתא דארעא