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Amitai Fraiman

Rabbi Amitai Fraiman (אמתי פריימן) is American-Israeli former IDF Tank Commander. R' Fraiman co-founded “Jerusalem Midnight Biking”, an innovative bike touring company based in Jerusalem. R' Fraiman has professional and leadership experience in content development, advocacy, and relationship building in his work for Garin Tzabar and NYU Bronfman Center, The Arthur Project and most recently for LAVAN.


תפילה לשלום התפוצה היהודית | A Prayer for the Welfare of Diaspora Jewry, by Rabbi Amitai Fraiman (2018)

Contributed on: 08 Nov 2018 by Amitai Fraiman |

We have a prayer for the State of Israel, its army, government etc. but we do not have a non-judgmental, non-aliyah focused prayer for the welfare of Diaspora Jewry. This prayer offers a remedy for this absence. . . .

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