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Andrew Shaw

Andrew Shaw is a Jewish spiritual seeker. He currently lives in Raleigh, NC.

A Kavvanah for Waking Up, by Andrew Shaw

Contributed on: 14 Dec 2011 by Andrew Shaw |

An original liturgical poem inspired by the Modah|Modeh Ani prayer. . . .

מודה אני | Modah/Modeh Ani, by Moshe ibn Makhir (translation by Andrew Shaw)

Contributed on: 14 Dec 2011 by Andrew Shaw | Mosheh ben Yehudah ibn Makhir |

Thankful am I in your Presence, Spirit who lives and endures, for You’ve returned to me my soul with compassion. Abundant is your faith! . . .

📄 סֵדֶר בִּרְכוֹת הַשַּׁחַר | Morning blessings for waking up and starting the day, adapted by Andrew Shaw

Contributed on: 13 Dec 2012 by Andrew Shaw |

In these still, quiet moments I am not asleep, and not yet awake. In the threshold of day and night, with the mixture of darkness and light, my body is once again coming to life. I am reborn, each day, from the womb of your compassion. May all of my actions be worthy of the faith you’ve placed in me. With words of thanks I’ll greet the dawn. . . .