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Chana Kupetz (Hebrew translation)

Chana Kupetz is the Children’s and Families Program Manager at Hadar. Prior to her work at Hadar, Chana taught Hebrew and Judaic Studies at Milton Gottesman Jewish Day School in Washington, DC and at Heilicher Jewish Day School in Minneapolis. Originally from Israel, Chana was a fellow in Hadar’s first full-year Beit Midrash where she met her wife. She received her undergraduate degree in Psychology from Northeastern University in Boston. Chana lives in Washington, DC with her wife Avi Strausberg and their two young children.

שטר ברית | Shtar Brit – Covenant for a Brit Ahuvim wedding, by Rebecca Ennen and Ari Weisbard

Contributed on: 01 Jan 2021 by Chana Kupetz (Hebrew translation) | Rebecca Ennen |

A covenantal document for an egalitarian wedding/partnership rooted in R’ Rachel Adler’s brit ahuvim legal structure, not based on kiddushin. Written for a woman and man marrying each other (see genders in Hebrew). . . .

בסיעתא דארעא