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Christopher S. Morrissey (translation)

Dr. Christopher S. Morrisset is the Sessional Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Trinity Western University.


Gaudeamus Igitur | אָז עוֹדֶֽנּוּ צְעִירִים | Az Odenu Tse’irim (So, let us rejoice), a Hebrew translation by Isaac Gantwerk Mayer of De Brevitate Vitæ (1287)

Contributed on: 29 May 2023 by Isaac Gantwerk Mayer (translation) | Christopher S. Morrissey (translation) | Unknown Author(s) |

An original Hebrew translation of the popular medieval commercium song and graduation anthem “De Brevitate Vitæ,” more commonly known as “Gaudeamus Igitur.” First attested in 1287, this Latin poem is irrevocably associated with college life for academics all over the world. It has been translated into many languages, and this Hebrew edition can be added to the list. . . .

בסיעתא דארעא