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David Bigman

Rabbi David Bigman (b. 1953) is a Modern Orthodox Rabbi. Bigman is the head of Yeshivat Ma'ale Gilboa along with Rabbis Yehuda Gilad and Shmuel Reiner. He helped found the Ein Hanatziv Midrasha for girls and used to head the Ein Tzurim Yeshiva. Bigman developed the Revadim (“layers “) technique for the study of Talmud, combining traditional learning methods with academic research tools.


תפילה לתשעה באב | Prayer for the Wellbeing of the State of Israel on Tishah b’Av 5783, by Rabbi David Bigman

Contributed on: 27 Jul 2023 by Susan Weingarten (translation) | David Bigman |

Former students felt the need for a special prayer for peace in the State of Israel in her present condition. I wrote this prayer yesterday (the eve of 7th Av 5783) and I felt as if I was praying while I wrote it. Students and friends, please send your constructive criticism. The prayer is for you to use on Tishah b’Av, on Shabbatot and in synagogues or in any other context. . . .